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video & film production

himar productions uses state-of-the-art digital high definition (HD) equipment which allows us to deliver high quality results for broadcast, DVD, CD-Rom and video for delivery on your website.

Modern HD video and associated technology opens many new avenues to promote and support your company or organization - contact us for an assessment and proposal.

Potential applications of video include:

  • documentary production
  • new product launch
  • corporate marketing
  • commemorative videos
  • film & book trailers
  • staff training
  • capturing special events on video
  • explaining new initiatives
  • demonstrating your company’s involvement in the community/society (arts and sports sponsorships, greenhouse gas reduction, etc.)
  • corporate functions
  • promotional videos - on location or in studio
  • instructional videos
  • trade shows
  • professional performances
  • private parties
  • music videos
  • real estate
  • insurance coverage videos

The process of making a video involves several steps: initial research, writing the storyboard/script, shooting the video scenes, post-production editing (putting the bits and pieces together and adding text, music and graphics) and finally outputting/uploading it to DVD, YouTube and/or your website.

If you are interested in how we could assist your company or organization, please contact us. We would be happy to explain the technology and how it could work for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities and the cost-effectiveness of this approach!

Support Services:

  • Slide Show Presentations – Commemorative or Corporate.
  • Duplication Services – We are able to mass produce your video footage to provide as many copies as you need.
  • Video & Photo Transfer – YouTube and web uploading of your film project. We also provide video transfer of 8mm film and VHS to DVD. We are able to colour correct and enhance supplied digital photos and transfer to CD-Rom and DVD.