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about digital video (dv)

DV Production, Post-Production, and Delivery
The world of digital video (DV) encompasses a large amount of technology. There are entire industries focused on the nuances of professional video, including cameras, storage, and transmission. But you don’t need to feel intimidated. As DV technology has evolved, it has become increasingly easier to produce high-quality work with modern software tools.

What is high definition video?
After years of anticipation, high definition (HD) video production has become widespread. Over-the-air HDTV is rapidly building an audience, and high definition DVD development is proceeding quickly. Even people not producing for an HD audience are using HD formats during production and post-production. Suddenly, companies are finding that they have HD content to distribute and are looking for ways to distribute it.

Streaming Media
Streaming media adds engaging motion and sound to the Web experience -  increasing site stickiness, interactivity, and retention. Streaming allows timely, dynamic content to be seen by a larger, even global audience, helping to cost-effectively disseminate information, to address new markets, and to bring your corporate culture closer to far-reaching constituencies.



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